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The Seattle Six Federal Trial: January 30, 2020

Please see special event on JAN 29!
The trial for The Seattle Six starts
Thursday January 30, 2020 9:30 am  Please help us raise defense funds at GoFundMe (watch this page for any change of date or time)
at the US District Court for the Western District of Washington

700 STEWART ST(between 7th & 8th AVE downtown)
(Note: this is the FederalCourt, not Seattle or County court)
12th floor, Courtroom 12B
Chief Judge Magistrate Brian A. Tsuchida

Come no later than 8:30 am and bring federally/TSA accepted ID.
NOT ALLOWED THROUGH SECURITY: beverages, food, liquids, knives, scissors, multi-tools, lighters, mace/chemical defense sprays, or illegal drugs (including marijuana).

For folks who come late and/or don't want to hassle security:
There will be a press conference in front of the court house before & after

Please help us raise defense funds by contributing at
(you can also go to our GoFundMe using

The six Tuesday vigilers arrested on August 6 for sitting …