Tuesday Vigils

LAST VIGIL: Tuesday October 29

Close the Camps
Tuesday Vigils at Seattle ICE office

NOON to 2:00 pm

July 9 - October 29, 2019
1000 2nd AVE, Seattle, WA  98104 (downtown, at the southeast corner of 2nd AVE & SPRING ST)

We will use this time and space as an organizing hub to demand that Senators Murray & Cantwell travel to the border to witness the conditions at these concentration camps, report back to their constituents in a large town hall forum, and work to defund and close these camps.

Thursday October 24th, 8:30 am The Seattle Six have their first US Federal District Court appearance at 700 STEWART ST(between 7th & 8th AVE downtown)
12th floor, Courtroom 12B Note: this is the Federal Court, not Seattle or County court.
Come no later than 8:00 am and bring federally/TSA accepted ID.
NOT ALLOWED THROUGH SECURITY: beverages, food, liquids, knives, scissors, multi-tools, lighters, mace/chemical defense sprays, or illegal drugs (including marijuana).

For folks who come late and/or don't want to hassle security:
There will be a 9:10 am press conference in front of the court house

The six Tuesday vigilers arrested on August 6 for sitting in Sen. Cantwell's office waiting for her to respond to the request made 35 days earlier that she visit the camps and hold a town hall forum on the abuses there.


CONTACT: Marla Zink, attorney for the defendants, at

Six Seattleites to be federally prosecuted for c…
Amazon: Stop making concentration camps possible!
TUESDAY OCTOBER 15th, 2019 11:30 am - 2:00 pm Amazon 4-star store at 2101 WESTLAKE AVE (downtown Seattle, where 8th Ave. & Lenora St. intersect)
Amazon’s "Amazon Web Services" (AWS) make possible ICE’s detention and deportation operations. Even Amazon’s own employees are standing on the side of justice and calling on the tech giant to cut ties with ICE. But Amazon executives would rather dodge responsibility than lift a finger to end the humanitarian disaster and cruelty that is ICE’s detention and deportation machine (see: Jeff Bezos fails to explain away Amazon's partnership with ICE).

Also see: At Amazon's Annual Summit, Hundreds Demand Tech Giant Stop Providing 'Invisible Backbone' to Trump's Anti-Immigration Agenda (Common Dreams, July 11, 2019)
"Palantir Provides the Engine for Donald Trump's Deportation Machine"(The Intercept, March 2, 2017)
"Palantir Played Key Role in Arresting Fami…

Lawn Sign Campaign

Lawn signs are printed!
They will be available at the Tuesday 8/27 noon vigil.
We still need money for banners & leaflets.
 Give what you can using this link: