The Seattle Six Federal Trial: January 30, 2020

Please see special event on JAN 29! The trial for The Seattle Six starts Thursday January 30, 2020 9:30 am  Please help us raise defense funds  at  GoFundMe ( watch this page for any change of date or time ) at the  US District Court for the Western District of Washington 700 STEWART ST   (between 7th & 8th AVE downtown) ( Note : this is the  Federal   Court,  not  Seattle or County court) 12th floor, Courtroom 12B Chief Judge Magistrate Brian A. Tsuchida Come no later than 8:30 am and bring federally/TSA accepted ID. NOT ALLOWED THROUGH SECURITY : beverages, food, liquids, knives, scissors, multi-tools, lighters, mace/chemical defense sprays, or illegal drugs (including marijuana ). For folks who come late and/or don't want to hassle security: There will be a press conference in front of the court house before & after Please help us raise defense funds by  contributing at   GoFundMe (you can also go to our GoFundMe using

Statements to the Judge at the trial for The Seattle Six

Statements to Judge Tsuchida prior to sentencing: Jennifer Gosar: Your honor, officials for the prosecution, and people here in attendance. As a graduate student, a certified medical interpreter, and a human being who has worked in immigrant and refugee communities for over 20 years, I have little legal experience, but considerable experience interpreting for people who have experienced intimate partner abuse, child abuse, systemic abuse, violence, political persecution, hate crimes and more. Those people and their stories have and will continue to mark my life. I stand here before the court with the imagination to believe it is critical that every day, ordinary people, even students, have an obligation to peacefully challenge systemic abuse, if all other lawful means have, and in this case, repeatedly result in the continuation of that abuse to this very moment. My imagination extends to the impact of Senator Cantwell. I am sorry I and the others were not allowed to present


The January 30, 2020 Trial of The Seattle Six The entire trial took about three hours, including sentencing. There were about 60 people in the courtroom: all the courtroom seats were occupied, with some people standing. Judge Tsuchida, as he had done prior to trial, rejected all our defenses (necessity, religious freedom, being prosecuted under overly broad administrative rules rather than enacted law, the fact that we were arrested before Cantwell's office was closed, and the fact that we were engaged in an effort to petition our representative). Tsuchida even rejected any and all witnesses for the defense, stating that testimony from any of Cantwell's staff was irrelevant since they were not present during and after our arrest, despite all evidence indicating that staff were present during and after our arrest. The judge got visibly upset when our lawyer once more requested reconsideration based on the facts in evidence. It was quite shocking. All our expert witness

SPECIAL PRE-TRIAL EVENT JAN 29: Children in Immigration Detention: Health & Human Rights

Special event in connection with the trial of The Seattle Six! Children in Immigration Detention: Health and Human Rights Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020, 7 – 8:30 p.m. University of Washington (Seattle), Thomson Hall , Room 101 Dr. Scott Allen is an award-winning and nationally renowned whistleblower, who, along with Dr. Pamela McPherson, contacted lawmakers in 2018 and spoke out publicly -- as they continue to do -- against immigrant family separation, detention, and the abhorrent conditions under which children are detained. They were recently awarded the 2019 Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling. Dr. Allen is coming to Seattle to provide expert testimony in the January 30 trial of The Seattle Six. Featuring: Dr. Scott Allen and Prof. Angelina Godoy Dr. Scott Allen is the medical subject matter expert in detention healthcare for the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Civil Rights and Civ

Cantwell Responds to The Seattle Six: Congratulates herself for voting in favor of funding concentration camps

Sen. Cantwell responds to The Seattle Six:  Congratulates herself for voting in favor of funding concentration camps 113 days after hundreds of constituents had condemned Senator Cantwell for voting to fund concentration camps -- and less than 20 hours prior to the federal court arraignment of The Seattle Six -- Cantwell issues her first direct response to  some  of her constituents via email . This email went out to those who had visited her office in July and August to demand she take a more public position in condemning detention and commit to defund detention camps. Cantwell's emailed statement was not posted anywhere else (news, press releases, twitter, Facebook, etc.).  In the 3rd paragraph of her email ( you can see the entire original email here )  she claims to be working to end immigrant abuse as follows: " In order to address the humanitarian crisis at the border, I supported H.R. 3401 , the bipartisan Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitar

Sen. Cantwell's October 23, 2019 email

From:  Office of Senator Maria Cantwell   < Maria_Cantwell@cantwell. > Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 12:42 PM Subject: From the Office of Senator Cantwell To: < > Dear Dr. Gale, Thank you for contacting me regarding conditions at detention facilities along our southern border. I share your views that these abhorrent conditions are unacceptable and contrary to our American values.  As you know, according to reports from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG), children and adults have been subjected to prolonged detention and overcrowding at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities in the Rio Grande Valley. These OIG reports confirm that at some detention facilities, children lack access to showers or hot meals and are subject to conditions that represent a risk to those detained. These horrendous conditions are outrageous and must end. In order to address the humanitarian crisis at t

Amazon: Stop Making Concentration Camps Possible

Amazon: Stop making concentration camps possible! TUESDAY OCTOBER 15th, 2019 11:30 am - 2:00 pm Amazon 4-star store at 2101 WESTLAKE AVE ( downtown Seattle, where 8th Ave. & Lenora St. intersect ) Amazon’s " Amazon Web Services " (AWS) make possible ICE’s detention and deportation operations. Even Amazon’s own employees are standing on the side of justice and calling on the tech giant to cut ties with ICE. But Amazon executives would rather dodge responsibility than lift a finger to end the humanitarian disaster and cruelty that is ICE’s detention and deportation machine (see:  Jeff Bezos fails to explain away Amazon's partnership with ICE ). Also see : At Amazon's Annual Summit, Hundreds Demand Tech Giant Stop Providing 'Invisible Backbone' to Trump's Anti-Immigration Agenda ( Common Dreams , July 11, 2019) "Palantir Provides the Engine for Donald Trump's Deportation Machine" ( The Intercept , March 2, 2017

Lawn Sign Campaign

Lawn signs are printed! They will be available at the Tuesday 8/27 noon vigil. We still need money for banners & leaflets.  Give what you can using this link:

Tuesday Vigils

The six Tuesday protesters arrested on August 6 for sitting in Sen. Cantwell's office waiting for her to respond to the request made 35 days earlier that she visit the camps and hold a town hall forum on the abuses there. LAST VIGIL: Tuesday October 29 Close the Camps Tuesday Vigils at Seattle ICE office NOON to 2:00 pm July 9 - October 29, 2019 1000 2nd AVE, Seattle, WA  98104 (downtown, at the southeast corner of 2nd AVE & SPRING ST) We will use this time and space as an organizing hub to demand that Senators Murray & Cantwell travel to the border to witness the conditions at these concentration camps, report back to their constituents in a large town hall forum, and work to defund and close these camps.